The Beginning

The story about why Ize of the Future was created, an insight in our most important influences and the vision behind the first two shirts.


Story 01 Banner


Throughout my life I’ve always been intrigued by subcultures of all sorts. The community it creates and the numerous ways a subculture expresses itself and tells stories has been a great source of inspiration for me. Especially rock music, hiphop culture and the skate scene were very appealing. I’m not a musician or a skater myself, but the art, the vibe, the lifestyle and the creativity surrounding these movements triggered me to create my own story.

When I discovered graphic design as a passion, and worked my ass of to learn the craft, I realized this was my tool to create something of my own. Other than doing client work for my day job, which I love, this project had to mean total creative freedom. Now the big question was: which medium am I gonna use to reach my audience?

The answer came pretty much right away: fashion. Getting really excited by a cool graphic t-shirt or a quality hoodie myself, I decided clothing was gonna be my canvas of choice to spread my message and to show my designs to the world. Ize of the Future was born.

From the original idea to create my own streetwear brand until releasing my first two designs, it has been a long and challenging road. But one that was totally worth it. It has been a part of growing up. Taking responsibility, learning the value of things, taking the good with the bad, pushing through, dealing with setbacks, ... Ize of the Future isn't nowhere near where I want it to be, but I did learn a ton of valuable lessons already.

Hereby, I proudly present my first release. 


Image of the artwork for our first shirt


The IZE C U shirt combines a warm green and a complementary pink color. The general aesthetic of this design emphasises creative freedom. The geometric illustration of the eye is an obvious reference to the brand name. You and your story deserve to be seen. Blackletter typography was used to represent the brand name. All printed on a high quality white shirt.


Image of the artwork for our second shirt



Our second shirt can be described as our signature piece of clothing. For this design, I've literally thought outside the box. So should you. Printed on a heavyweight black shirt, the design combines an eyecatching red color, a halftone pattern and modern and bold typography.


Believing that everyone has a story to tell, Ize of the Future hopes to inspire people to express theirs in whatever way. Thank you.